The SouthernGFE website is slowly being retired so that we can focus on other websites and projects. We haven't updated SGFE in many years, and this has caused several issues with usability, with the most notable problem being the ability to register and log in.

The Forum and the Directory of SGFE were actually separate pieces of software. We've always had both of these bridged, making it possible to have just one username/password that you would use to login to both sections. Login in on one section and it would automatically log you in to the other.

Unfortunately, as of July 2020, this bridge is no longer functional and we won't be attempting to merge the two. This basically means that if you want to register or log in, you will have to treat the Forum section as a separate website/account than the rest of SGFE.

If you already had an account before July of 2020, then your username/password should still work for both sections. But you will have to log in to each section separately, and if you update your info(name, password, details, etc.) on one account, you will have to manually update it on the other section as well.