Hi gentlemen,

Welcome & thank you for taking the time to read up & get to know about me before actually meeting. I was Born here in the Northern parts of Mississippi. Have lived my whole life here and enjoy the people here. I am know living on the Mississippi GulfCoast area now for the past 4yrs almost now.

I am 38 at the moment w a bday coming up soon, 5ft 4, 121lbs all natural with no fake body parts added. I have blondish brown hair with bedroom blue eyes. I actually do enjoy what i do & meeting new people and trying new experiences out here in life. I am a TRUE SOUTHERN COUNTRYGIRL there is nothing about me being a city girl. I can get right down & get dirty and not bother me at all. I am not one of the ladies that is to good or scared to get dirty or break a nail or can't do that it will smear my makeup!! Lol.

I do apologize i do not have my pictures professionally done or touched up to look like a professional model or actress to manipulate or decieve you into seeing me as someone i am not. I am no way a actor if i was i would go to Hollywood.

Prefer you to see the true picture of me that you get to meet and know during or date we are out on.

If you desire and request in advance you would like me to wear specific clothing and heels. I will be more than happy to accommodate your request.

Thank you again for getting to know me.