“Touch me, touch the palm of your hand to my body as I pass,
Be not afraid of my body.”
― Walt Whitman

The key to a perfect date is a shared interest in truly getting to know each other and letting things flow naturally.

I want to learn you, your likes, whatever you are willing to share.

My goal is to make you smile, have you enjoy yourself and let your guard down around me.

I am a firm believer is mutual respect and discretion. The object of my affections is to never harm or hurt you, but to make you feel secure as if I were a long lost friend you are reconnecting with.

I am a huge dork, I love to laugh. I love to be playful, but I know when the time arises to be serious.

I offer you a genuine connection with no strings attached...

I pride myself in the ability to make people at ease in my presence, getting to know you and building a solid connection that we may continue to grow together as friends.

I am a very discreet, non-dramatic, and naturally giving person.

I am exotic and mixed with Chinese, Hungarian and Croatian, which makes me very pleasing to the eye.

My genuine connection lies with a genuine individual who lacks the common list of expectations and has natural anticipation!

If I have piqued your interest, and you have a need for a natural unraveling of chemistry, then our adventure is soon to begin...

I look forward to meeting you...

Kynsley Morgan

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