I adapt to my surroundings like a chameleon... I never look the same; dress me up or dress me down.
I am all natural, the way a woman should be.
I am always comfortable with myself and will never hide my body because of lack of confidence.
I am ME... no scripts, just down to earth, the dorky girlfriend you always wished you had.
I am outspoken with my desires and what I like.
I am a lover of man and woman.

I am Kynsley Morgan, a Hampton Roads gem awaiting you... now come and discover me.

I will be visiting Charlottesville
May 7, Monday- 5pm-11pm
Leaving Tues, May 8, which is booked.

Homebased in Va Beach, May 8-11.

Let's create a world for ourselves in which we can escape to together, and let the chemistry flow naturally.

Light screening is mandatory.
No texting.