This list will be updated on a continuing basis.

Advice and Tips

1) Avoid anyone trying to circumvent your personal screening process

It should go without saying that trust and safety are top priorities when dealing with other people. Evaluating the risks involved when meeting new people really isn't unique to the adult worldówe do this in our everyday lives when meeting others we've talked to on the Internet. But the risks involved from a woman's perspective is generally much greater. Everyone has their own reasons for not wanting to be screened or being apprehensive about a screening process. But no respectable or sensible lady would allow herself to be put into a compromising position without trying to mitigate the risks involved. Proper screening is a must if you plan to stay safe and sane for any length of time. If you have a specific screening process, then stick to it! Block, delete or ignore anyone trying to get around your screening process.

This also applies to screening sites that encourage clients to avoid your screening process. The "screening" that is involved is usually mediocre at best, and it generally offers you no recourse whatsoever should you be ripped off or harmed. Besides, I don't think anyone is going to take your safety more seriously than you. 99 times out of 100, the respectable and more gentlemanly clients will accept your screening process and view it as a testament to your professionalism.

2) Don't let anyone haggle or try to get your to lower your rates just for them