Hello Everyone,

Running your own business as an independent escort can be stressful and downright painful. The struggle to get your own website off the ground, marketing yourself online, and driving traffic to your site can be a nightmare. It’s difficult and time consuming to learn SEO tactics that are being employed by escort agencies to obtain the #1 Google ranking.

As such, pulling in new quality clients can become hard for an independent escort. Swanky Escorts was designed with the escort in mind. By joining our community you will gain access to a large variety of tools geared to making your jobs a lot easier.

Swanky Escorts is trying a new approach to allow escorts to meet quality clients over the internet. By becoming a member of the community you will gain access to the following features:

  • Clean and professional look and feel – No cluttered advertisements, pop ups or pop under
  • Client Recommendations – If clients enjoy your service, they can recommend you with a simple click
  • Wall Post – Clients can leave a good review on your wall
  • Mail management system – Don’t worry about giving out your e-mail and getting blasted with spam. Send and receive messages to your profile.
  • Instant Messenger – Talk to your clients in real time whenever you are available.
  • Classified Section – Advertise your services in our community utilizing our classifieds section.
  • Forum – Join the community in providing advice, or valuable information, for people in the trade.
  • Company Pages – Have a company? Create a page with us to have the community aware of it.
  • Report a user – Yes, you are surrounded by webmasters that want you to be successful. We base our success on your satisfaction so feel free to send us a message at any time with any issues you are facing with a client on the website or a feature and we’ll be happy to assist where possible.
  • Profile Creation/Management – Maintain your credibility and your image with your profile. Recommendations and reviews will be added to your profile page and you have the power to delete what you don’t like.

As stated above, we are a new website that is constantly evolving to meet your needs. We’ll focus on the design, advertising, and marketing so you can focus on providing the best service possible.

All of the above will be provided to you for free, if you are an escort or offer an adult service. To assist in the growth of the client base of the site we would ask that you offer a discounted price for your service on the site, and we will leave the discounted amount or even the choice to offer a discount completely up to you, so that potential clients will be more inclined to remain a part of the community as it provides a deal for them as well.

This is not a demand; you are not required to offer a discounted price, merely a request to facilitate obtaining and maintaining new clients.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the community, head over to http://www.swankyescorts.com and sign up for your free membership.

Once complete, send an e-mail to promotions@swankyescorts.com if you have not been promoted by one of our admins after your profile has been created and let us know your username or e-mail address to get upgraded to the Entertainers group to gain full access to all the above features.

Finally, we will frequent all forums that we choose to advertise with so feel free to send us messages with features and ideas you would like to see added to the community or just a friendly hello (Hobbyist Admins need love too). We look forward to seeing you there.

Casually yours,

Swanky Escorts