Rules and guidelines are in place to keep this community safe and enjoyable for everyone. Each member of the community is responsible for knowing and adhering to the rules and guidelines. They are as follows:
  1. No spamming(This includes excessive advertising*).
  2. Do Not post anything that references yourself or other community members as to participating in, or having knowledge of, any illegal activities.
  3. Do Not register more than one username. Registering of multiple accounts is a serious violation and can get you suspended or banned permanently from the site.
  4. Do Not post personal information, or any information that could be construed as a violation of another individual's privacy.
  5. Do Not threaten or slander other members of the community.
  6. Do Not post anything that you know to be false or give misleading information about yourself.
  7. Do Not post advertisements outside of the appropriate section. Sections set up for advertisements are specifically marked as such.
  8. Do Not post links to any sites that contain explicitly graphic material, illegal activities or any other degrading or inhumane material.
  9. Do Not post any material that is specific to a certain forum. i.e. Posting material from the Private Forums into the Public section.
  10. Do Not allow anyone to use your username/password to gain access to the forum.(This is a surefire way to get banned)
  11. Do report any harassment you receive from other members. To keep the community safe for everyone, you should report to an administrator or moderator about any dangers to yourself or to the community that you are aware of. Personal vendettas are not tolerated here.

You accumulate infractions for each of the rules that you are in violation of. After a certain number of infractions you can be suspended for a predetermined length of time. For more serious violations you can even be banned permanently from the site. You can find out about the infractions here.