View Full Version : Alexia in DC/VA is a SCAM

09-24-2010, 08:05 PM
Just thought I should warn anyone that goes to eros-dc.com.

Long story short, I called made an appoint and showed up. The girl was not the same as the girl in the picture. She asked me for my ID and said that she shared an apartment with a friend and needed to pay her friend some of the money. I asked if she was full service when before I gave her money ($240) she said she was took my money and asked to use the bathroom. When she came back she was on the phone with the agency or whoever. She sat down next to me and said I'm glad you wanted full service because I'm hungry, where should we go to eat. I said Im not hungry and she said well what do you want to do. I said well I want to go into the bedroom and f***... She was hey, I'm not a prostitute. Basically she took my money and said I was lucky not to go jail.

Watch out and be warned. The number I originally called is 407-517-4971. The link to her eros-dc profile is http://www.eros-dc.com/files/172210.htm

BE WARE. She is a scammer. Many red flags, be smart...

06-21-2013, 07:12 PM
There are several others in EROS DC website that pose as escorts but are thieves. I tired EROS DC twice and both times the ugly thieves stole my money. The women were not what they appeared on the website. For example this JENNIFER (asian) is a scam artisit. I met her at the apartmentd door that she provided and she was not the woman on the picture. Instinctively, I tried to run away but I ended up giving away my 200 to her and chatted for 15 minutes. Since I do make a lot of money I thought it was not worth haggling about with this crook. So, I left gracefully.

The other time was a few years back. I called one woman from the "college girl" list and she was not the woman on the picture. She was "dirt ugly". I would not even touch her for 1000 bucks. She made me sign a fucking paper and I left...pissed off.

The escorts from EROS-DC are all scam artits and theives. This was a good escort service guide but now it is populated with thieves and mafias running this operations. Be careful folks. Of course some are genuine but you got to do your research.