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06-24-2009, 04:56 AM
Just wanted to see if any of the providers here had any different "black list" sites.

We have found these and we are sure there has to be more. If all of us start to utilize these on a regular basis then they will almost definetly serve the purpose they are intended for.




Thanks ladies, we all have to stick together.

The Naughty Angels

Brock Landers
06-24-2009, 08:50 AM
You can find those sites in the Directory here, and you can leave a rating and review of your experiences with them if you like...

Screening and Safety (http://www.southerngfe.com/escorts/resources/directories)

10-06-2009, 02:37 PM
funny how many get black listed for over saying their time but I here many more complaints from hobbyists who complain a girl ended an hour session soon as he came. like an hour does not mean an hour.

The whole principle behind blacklist sites is not to count minutes in an hour, but rather keep BOTH hobbyist AND provider safe. At in in call agency for example, If hobbyist "a" is not screened properly when coming to see Provider "x" and then hobbyist "b" who is screened properly comes to see provider "z", Hobbyist "a" now poses a risk for hobyist "b":eek:. So that information form these sites keeps everyone safe.:grouphug:

Fallon Kelly
03-09-2011, 02:11 PM
I know of 2 more:




04-09-2011, 08:17 PM
I stumbled onto another black list site today....very interesting too!


PS....Whaddup Scarlett,....Missin my Bama Buddies!:drinking:

04-18-2011, 11:28 PM
I'm Vivian and I worked for VerifyHim.com. If you guys have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me on or off this board. Be safe. ;)

09-16-2011, 10:24 AM
What about providers, how do us good guys protect our selfs and our familys from some of these blood sucking providers. I'm very serious I'm disabled and may have to file bankrupcy because of being black mailed and forced to do things. lol She really is married and he is her pimp, then there teenage son gets invloved also...

I mean this whole industry has always been built on trust of information given..