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09-22-2020, 07:53 PM
The Highway to Hell is not just an encounter...it's an experience like none other!!

Filled with energy,lust,desire,enthusiasm and passionate bliss!!

I Also enjoy the slow sensual side of the hobby world...a time to slow it down and enjoy the scenic route on the Highway!!

Ringin Hell's Bells Half Hour.....$100
Hell Raising hour.....$200
Ride It like ya stole it ninetyminutes......$250
Bone It Like Ya Own It twohour.......$300

480-204-5151 (tel:480-204-5151)
harleydee69@gmail.com (harleydee69@gmail.com)
(http://dallasrain.escortbook.com/)http://dallasrain.escortbook.com (http://dallasrain.escortbook.com/)

Springfield Mo/private Oct 4--Oct 8

Overland Park Oct 13--Oct 18

https://www.imagecoast.com/images/dallas4u/7fc2e15be0b6456da5bdbf72a04e783e1.jpg (https://www.imagecoast.com/images/dallas4u/7fc2e15be0b6456da5bdbf72a04e783e1.jpg)https://www.imagecoast.com/images/dallas4u/img0213.jpg (https://www.imagecoast.com/images/dallas4u/img0213.jpg)
https://www.imagecoast.com/images/dallas4u/unnamed7333x600300x440.jpg (https://www.imagecoast.com/images/dallas4u/unnamed7333x600300x440.jpg)