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Brock Landers
07-16-2020, 01:43 PM
A new website will be dedicated to documenting the habitual liars, thieves, bullies & harassers, and various other degenerates within the escort [so-called]community. This will be more of a directory type website where you can quickly find their info along with documentation and proof of their offenses. All information will be verified before posting, and there will be mechanisms in place that will allow for any posted material to be reported and deleted—this will be in addition to a retracted statement—if proof is shown to contradict the allegations.

Normally a website that focuses solely on negativity is something that should be avoided; however, there is a vile strain of animosity-stalking-harassment existing within the sex worker world that has gone unchecked for far too long. It has metastasized as was predicted years ago (https://www.southerngfe.com/forums/announcement.php?f=41&a=7).

Some of these people do have mental illnesses that might make them more susceptible to involving themselves in drama. But that alone is never a valid excuse for the vitriol and harassment they partake in on a regular basis.

The people that will be listed will NOT be listed because they have differing views and are opinionated. The people that will be listed are the agitators, bullies, and predators of their community.

Although this new website and directory will mostly deal with the hateful whores on Twitter, there are a few men/clients that work closely with these "ladies" to stalk, lie about, and attack people. Their profile will be listed in a separate category.

These people push and push and push, trying to create more vitriol and getting more people involved in their hateful world. They have no qualms about spreading lies and trying to harass people on Twitter, so we will have no qualms about spotlighting these vile creatures to make sure decent & sane people know where much of the drama and vitriol is rooted.


Brock Landers
07-18-2020, 07:34 AM
A cursory glance shows that the catalysts for a majority of the drama and vitriol being spread on escort Twitter involve a few groups/cliques, which consists of roughly three dozen girls. If there's some kind of harassment and infighting on escort Twitter, these "ladies" can usually be found at the center of it all or, at the very least, eagerly stirring the pot and encouraging others to pile on.

That's not to say that there aren't a lot more who have some kind of history of spreading lies and maliciously attacking the character of others; but it does look like there's a core group that is very active, very consistent, and working together both publicly and privately through backchannels to ruin the businesses and reputation of others.

There's also a core group of guys/clients/trolls who always seem to show up in the attacks and drama to make sure everyone knows how "woke" they are. This is more than likely their attempt to ingratiate themselves to a particular escort or group of escorts. And not unlike the escorts, most of these client-trolls usually have no first-hand knowledge of what they speak about. They deal mostly in hysteria, hyperbole, conjecture, and flat out lies. The only things they seem to care about are the excitement and high they get from participating in the drama and being accepted as part of the group.

All of these people do share one common characteristic. They avoid direct questions like the plague. It's their Kryptonite. Ask them for proof of accusations they make and watch them go weak in the knees and slink away. They suddenly become too busy to involve themselves in something that they were going out of their way to participate in before. It's all about feelings to them. If they feel like they're right, then their feelings facts.

I don't expect you to just believe me about their penchant for avoiding direct questions and basing their worldview off feelings. Try it for yourself. Find an accusation they make and see if they can give answers based on provable facts rather than just feelings or their own interpretation of something.