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Brock Landers
07-12-2020, 02:19 PM
Charlotte Breeze provides a true BGFE(Bipolar Girlfriend Experience) for those neurotic gents not too concerned with their anonymity or safety. Charlotte is also a close associate of The Heavyweight Champion of Hooker Liars, Missy Mariposa (https://www.southerngfe.com/forums/showthread.php?28615-Missy-Mariposa-Deflection-from-Reality).

Here is a recent example of Charlotte's libel and her apparent deteriorating mental health and memory:


As a matter of record(an image and timestamp), Charlotte did have a shoot with Megan in June 2016. That's 4 years ago, not 5, and there's no record of any deposit that can be found before this 2016 photo shoot. In fact, there's no record of a deposit at all. The shoot was a duo shoot with Missy Mariposa. It was actually Missy's shoot and Charlotte was just there for the duo pics. Missy was quoted $700 for her solo shoot and the duo pics-($500-Missy $200-Charlotte). Megan had to do HEAVY editing for Charlotte and went above and beyond for her and that $200. And Charlotte was more than happy:

https://www.southerngfe.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=11008&stc=1 https://www.southerngfe.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=11009&stc=1

It does looks like Charlotte emailed about another duo shoot in December 2016(3 1/2 years ago). There is one mention of a deposit, but there is no record of a deposit actually being sent. Megan ended up canceling the trip because it wasn't financially feasible. And again, no record of an actual deposit. Charlotte didn't mention that a deposit was sent during their correspondence. No payment processor notification. Charlotte didn't say anything about a deposit or refund after she was told the trip was canceled. I could find no texts, emails, private messages, etc. NOTHING!


Megan has returned deposits on several occasions. So the idea that Megan would keep Charlotte's deposit when Megan is the one who cancelled is not only contrary to her stated policy, but it's a horribly counterproductive way to run a business.

But I didn't completely rule out the possibility of something being overlooked, so Charlotte was asked(on 7-12-20) to provide proof and asked how this deposit was supposedly sent. Instead of providing even just a shred of evidence, Charlotte's reply was nothing but hostility and defensiveness. She did not provide any proof or give any indication of when and how the deposit was sent.


You would think someone so eager to publicly accuse another lady of stealing their deposit would maybe have a record laying around somewhere. Any emails about a deposit and wanting a refund, Charlotte? Texts? Tweets? Private messages? CC statements? Anything?

Charlotte, I can assure you that if you really gave Megan a deposit and she had to cancel, she'd be more than happy to give you that deposit back. But you don't seem very interested in providing any proof. You just seem content with trying to slander people. That really wouldn't surprise anyone if they knew your history, but it does make you look childish and possibly even mentally ill.