View Full Version : You Hate Whitey?

Brock Landers
07-07-2019, 08:38 PM
So you Hate Whitey and wanna be included in the list, but don't know how? Well that's easy.

Tell us about White Privilege—the more details the better
Tell us about your views of White Men and White Fragility
Give us your views on how it's impossible to be racist against white people
Stick your big nose into the preferences of another woman and insist that it's your duty to tell her how to use her body
Video yourself eating a big bag of shit—I'll leave the source of the shit entirely up to you

Any combination could get you a spot on the list; however, placement can't be guaranteed. Special consideration will be given if providing #4 and especially #5. But again, placement can't be guaranteed.

For the gentlemen who hate them some whitey too, please feel free to send me info on your favorite Hate Whitey Hooker along with a compilation of her greatest Hate Whitey tweets. Contrary to what some might label as an attack, this is actually a free service intended to help streamline the process of searching for a compatible companion.

You Hate Whitey. They Hate Whitey.
They want to see you. You want to see them.

There's nothing worse than spending your valuable time with someone only to find out later that they hated you all along. What could be more helpful than having someone else cut through all the bullshit and connect people who have a common interest and a common cause? Maybe if these women had more business and more stable personal lives they'd be less inclined to stick their noses into the preferences of other ladies. Everyone wins in that scenario.

Thank you, and you're very welcome.