View Full Version : A guy named Vaugn Alert

06-23-2018, 08:14 AM
He is from Detroit Michigan and said he was in town for business here in Huntsville Alabama. We spoke for a while and he stated he was a newbie. I am a newbie friendly lady, but will make conversation to feel him out and listen for red flags. He seemed legit, so I sent him my location and he was instructed to call when he entered my apartment complex... he followed directions. When he pulled up he sat in his car and started texting me to take a pic of my breasts and he will then decide of he wanted to come in. Ok.... he scared the hell out me. Now when I ask them to call me upon entering my complex I direct them by voice to my parking lot... I never give out my actual apt #... I watch and observe for a few seconds as I have them park in a certain location away from my apartment (been doing this for years) if I see nothing suspicious I tell them to get out of their car and turn around and I will be standing on my porch for them to walk over. But this time I didn't even respond to his titty pic request... I simply ended our conversation. He then shot me one more text telling me I was being childish and called me a prostitute... I did respond with "Well you sell yourself to keep your job and make money as well, so I guess that makes you a prostitue. No response to that... He left....

Phone 313-xxx-4857

Please be safe... Chelsea