View Full Version : More Lies & Distortion from Missy Mariposa

Brock Landers
05-15-2018, 05:38 AM

The only thing "crazy" here is the fact that Missy is a consummate liar and distorter of truth. She desperately wants to be seen as some kind of expert on everything that she talks about, even when that means making things up on the fly with absolutely no evidence or proof. The lies are so effortless and fluid that it makes me think she developed this pathological characteristic early in her teen years in order to cope with the major daddy issues she has. Just a hypothesis really; but I've read a book or 30 when it comes to reading people, so I'm pretty good at this stuff.


Fact: Megan changed her practices fairly early in her photography career. It's a known FACT that there are(or at least were) some advertising sites that required you to add unwatermarked photos to your profile. After a few requests from ladies who needed their edited images without the watermark, Megan started giving ladies edited images with and without the watermark.

It's that fucking simple.

But if you're a liar and manipulator, simplicity in truth isn't always the best method to push your faux knowledge and expertise. Why work around actual facts and truth to achieve an objective when you can just make a beeline to it by throwing out lies whenever it suits your agenda?

Again, that's the essence of The Missy Experience.

As far as who is "Nico Page" and why is she sticking her nose into other people's business, I guess I'll save that for another thread.