View Full Version : I don't play hard to get, but I know I'm hard to forget! Madame X Visiting Portland 5/17-5/18

Madame X
05-13-2018, 02:21 AM
It started with a glance...

I turned my deep brown eyes toward you. Our conversation touched on many topics, as we shared our experiences and hinted at deeper curiosities. Words flowed easily between us, but on our tongues danced a desire to do things that language couldn't express. I looked at you, seeing you for who you are a man who desires an intelligent, energetic woman to enjoy life's pleasures with, and I am that woman. A lady, except in certain, sensual situations. You were always a gentleman... well, almost always.

...continued with a touch...

You ventured a touch, and reveled in the reward of feeling my firm, athletic frame come alive under your hands. My smooth, dark skin felt like velvet against your fingers, against your lips, and against your body as I returned your embrace with an electric lust that rivaled and amplified your own. Your eyes took in the sight of my beautifully natural curves, as I took you in.

and ended in exhaustion.

We lay back as the beating pulse of passion under our skin slowly subsided and faded into satisfaction. Our minds wandered over the fresh memories of what we've done for each other, all the things we could have done to each other, and all the things we will do to each other, next time.

Resolutely, there will be a next time.

So let's begin again, shall we?

I'll be visiting Portland on 5/17 and 5/18, and would love to see what develops. Perhaps we'll be meeting for the first time, or simply picking up right where we left off! Either way, I invite you to take a look at my website, http://TheMysteryofMadameX.com, and take some time to look at my photos, my calendar, and everything you need to know to arrange your introduction and seduction.

~Mme X~