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emmie love
04-22-2018, 01:24 AM
Hello Gentlemen, Let me introduce myself my name is Emmie Love I Live in Louisville Kentucky , Im a Mature Provider im not your average working gal, i also have a full time regular job. I prefer to be text at first instead of calling you , i like to be disctete so lets chat a little bye text get no each other then when we are ready to set our date ill gladly give you a call to confirm. I love meeting new people n making new friends, or getting reaquainted with my old friends ... I love to tour n travel n go out on dinner dates n multiple hours are always fun, theres just never enough time in day ...time flys when your having fun... Also if you have any reviews you have posted please send link or a provider you have saw in past with number and website ...so i can verify your safe to see sweetheart ..safety always my number one concern. If we have saw each other in past just refresh my memory on who you are and anything paticular about our session that id rembber would be helpful ...thanks and hope to please you soon ...Love , Emmie Love XOXO

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emmie love
04-22-2018, 01:25 AM
i use to live in concord nc and went bye britany

emmie love
04-22-2018, 01:26 AM
i got my boobs done few years back and got out biz for while i own my own biz now retail and im trying buy my partner out

emmie love
04-27-2018, 03:27 AM