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03-09-2018, 08:19 AM
Greetings Gentlemen of Memphis and Nashville! What an absolute delight to have you stop by!

I appreciate both your interest and your time , and I am sure they both will be well spent.I have always wanted to visit your fair cities. Won't you help show me some of your fine Southern Gentlemanly sights? https://www.theeroticreview.com/library/style/i/emoticons/regular_smile.gif

Pre-Booking is ever so highly recommended as it truly does determine the length of my visit.

A bit about myself:

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a woman of grace and taste. My name is Eliza and I would be very pleased to make your acquaintance.

Being a woman of many travels, adventures, and experiences, I consider myself a multi-faceted being, able to converse intelligently in a number of topics and on a multitude of subjects. Some say I am a rather pleasant contradiction; vibrant, colorful energy enveloped in gentle warmth. I can be elegant or playful, sophisticated, but entirely without airs, charming or...well...even more charming! I have been many places and seen many things in my 40 years, but still retain the ability to look at everyday occurrences with fresh eyes - just as if I have never seen them before. This way, nothing ever becomes routine or mundane.

I am an artist and a musician, so naturally a sensitive, sensual soul, intuitively knowing how to please you physically, mentally and "artistically". Maybe we could do some watercolors whilst we Samba? That may get a little messy, though.

I am the perfect dinner or evening-on-the-town companion. My dress is demure, yet subtly sexy (just enough to really whet your appetite), my presentation is composed and elegant, but my behavior behind closed doors is thoroughly devilish. I have many other skills that will have you all aglow and atwitter. I am not talking about juggling, either!

Please read my website before scheduling. I see Very Few Gentlemen, so if exclusivity is important to you, I am your lady-in-waiting. I am 100% drug free, smoke free, I do not drink alcohol, so please do not be offended if I turn down your fine offering of wine, but I do not mind at all if you indulge yourself! Ah, but I am definitely no goody two shoes in other areas!

I do screen for my safety and yours. Please be prepared for this screening. If you are not willing for a very discreet and professional screening, then I respectfully request you do not contact me.

Please introduce yourself, as a true gentleman naturally would do so. I do not answer "one liners". I will only see gentlemen 40 or older.

With Anticipation, Eliza x