View Full Version : River Stark - Lies

Brock Landers
12-15-2017, 10:10 AM

Part lies, all distortion.

First, claiming that this was the first and only time she's tweeted Megan is a little bit deceptive. This is the first time she might have @ Megan, but definitely not the first time she's tweeted about her and attacked her.


There are also DMs where River is specifically talking about Megan in previous months. You can clearly see that River was, at the very least, fully aware of Megan prior to the 12/12/17 date, even when Megan had no idea who she was prior to this date.

Megan found out someone was trying to dig up her personal information and another girl's personal info. When she found out who that someone was, she decided to block that person. She hit the Follow button accidentally, but quickly Unfollowed and Blocked. The response you see from River claiming Megan was "creeping my shit" is the response to that Follow/Unfollow/Block. People Follow, Unfollow and Block all the time. So this kind of response to that simple event speaks volumes about who knew about who previously and who was really "creeping" the other person.

But the perpetual victim, River, claims that she was being "stalked" by someone who hadn't even heard of her until a few days ago. So the next statement River makes kind of seems odd:


Here is River clearly stating that she's been sitting on information for well over a month. Why do you have information on someone if you aren't stalking them? Why do you even have information in the first place? What purpose does it serve to have that person's information?

This psychopath has a long history of attacking others with false and/or highly distorted "evidence." Don't say you were never warned when the hormonal freak attacks you next.