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11-17-2017, 04:51 PM
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“Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.”

― L. Frank Baum

You know the story "The Wizard of Oz".... now let me take you on a magical trip , where you are still in Kansas, (or wherever we should meet) but you feel like you have left your body and are entwined in a luxurious fantasy world where only you and I exist.

You have found heaven on Earth, You have found Ellie Alexandra....

I'll bet you're curious, Who am I?,What makes me stand out from the rest....

http://www.imagecoast.com/images/EllieAlexandra/oct5914nl1.jpg (http://www.imagecoast.com/)

I am a petite, exotic bombshell with an insatiable need and desire to pleasure those fortunate enough to make my acquaintance. My feminine form

will truly bewitch you, leaving you lost in abandon. Imagine it your perfect, absolute retreat maybe only for an hour or two , or maybe for a weekend get away.

You get to loosen your tie, leave the office, leave the monotony of your reality and business meetings and simply ENJOY LIFE!

Just imagine me in your arms, your hands around my perfect tiny waist, my head on your chest as you take in my beauty and languish in the fragrance of my body in your arms.You find yourself completely immersed in paradise,my red hair nestling below your chin. Next we share a glance before we depart for the bedroom where the true wonder or my talents await you. I am sure I have you longing to escape completely with me now , let me transport you to our own wondrous Land Of Oz ........

Prepare to experience.....

Ellie Alexandra

The Exquisite Bolivian Companion

http://www.imagecoast.com/images/EllieAlexandra/oct6106nl.jpg (http://www.imagecoast.com/)

Preferred 411: P195641