View Full Version : Some Of My Favorite Stupid Texts

05-09-2017, 09:01 AM
These are the most common , as in multiple people (like DOZENS!) HAVE SENT ME THE SAME MESSAGES. Grammatical atrocities are theirs, not mine. These are actual messages I have received:

Your number was online, do I have the right person?
How much?
Whats up?
want make plans
how much for a quick visit with penetration?
u mess wit black guys?
so like whats ur special
I know your ad says not to text, but...
are you the police?
send a pic and I'll send one back (My notation: Oh joy! would you *really??)
join me on skype so we can I'm and talk to each other
is this real/are you real?
send me a naked pic so I know your not law enforcement

Random weirdness:
is there any homeless places in Tenn?
ok well how much to taste your juice and get a nut then?
u sleep
hello,am Kristen.my client would love to hang out with you this December.write me back on *********@gmail.com.for donations and details.also refer any questions to the email........ thanks
30 for just head
come on girl
can you send me a picture of your pussy so I know its not blown out before I pay good money. I'm in Columbia, but since you are older I want to see first to make sure you aren't have a blown out vagina

can you get weed?

And on THAT note...

11-10-2017, 04:25 PM
WOW...the blow out pussy...WOW. I think I have now heard it all.