View Full Version : [Coming Soon] Simple Payment Solutions For The Adult Industry

10-12-2015, 08:53 AM
AEPayMe is the simple and secure way for those in the Adult Entertainment industry to send and receive money.

AEPayMe.com will be launching in late October offering Person-to-Person and B2B payment solutions.

Unlike the many E-Wallet and merchant companies that don't want to offer their services to the Adult Industry...PayPal, or selectively choose certain Adult Entertainment entities to do business with while shunning others...PayPal, AEPayMe is 100% adult friendly.

AEPayMe allows individuals, businesses and consumers a safe and discreet method to send and receive funds. The digital world of payment has evolved beyond the the normal person-to-business transaction to a wider scope of person-to-person exchange.

AEPayMe.com will be offering a discounted transaction rate for everyone that signs up for launch notification. Please visit https://aepayme.com to sign up and learn more.