View Full Version : Certified Grade A MORON!

08-23-2015, 12:12 PM
Man 1393: 100 dollars fuck right now? 7:35 PM

Me: Goodbye. mochanauttebbw.tumblr.com. Then come at me again with that cheap ho sh**. 8:34 PM

Man 1393: Simple yes or no would have been fine . Your standards are low and i will be rating you one star on yelp 8:35 PM

Me: when it comes to escorting, being crude gets people arrested. 100 to fuck is enough for a cop to bust a girl because she was dumb enough to accept his money. 8:39 PM

Me: go ahead, rate me one star. then iíll tell them what you said. i keep a record of all texts so if someone like you comes along attacking my character, youíll have no legal leg to stand on. blocking you! 8:41 PM

Yelp? Hahahaha, Lmfaooo! I can't help but laugh.