View Full Version : Beware of TER User UA934

11-03-2011, 11:12 AM
So I must warn other providers of TER user " UA934"and his phone number is 310-800-03**. Providers really need to be careful with him. He has such a bad attitude even when you try to cater to him it's like he has this huge entitlement problem.

He is a small/short Asian guy, average, and nit picks at anything and everything. Grasps at straws just to trash a woman. I invited him to my place and was very accommodating to him only to have him disrespect me in my own home.

Since he had one reputable reference, I decided to see him. I didn't count the donation up front after the session was over (Greek included), he handed me the cash which was folded in half and immediately left. I counted it and realized he had low balled me considerably!

I mean here is this guy walking into my apartment acting like such a jerk, thinking women should be kissing the floor he walks on, acting like he's tough shit with his "I only see high end providers" attitude and then turns around and acts like a low class, low life prick! He has no class and no respect for anyone. He is rude, disrespectful, and a fraud...beware!