View Full Version : Don't Trust Escort Los Angeles or Las Angeles

12-17-2010, 05:18 AM
Don't trust Red Book for an escort los angeles, i paid $300 for one of the girls, ( girls user name: exquisiteriley )when she arrived it was not the girl in the photo, BEWARE! guys. The girl only did a "show" that involved kissing and hugging, thats it. When she arrive she wanted money straight away then when it came time for my pleasure she said it was just a "show" and not anything else. Guys dont get ripped off! if you have this service make sure when she arrives you show her the money but DO NOT give the money to her, show her the money and say you will pay after the hour. Please don't get ripped off like i did, i'm writting as a warning for your sake. Be VERY careful when hiring an escort las angeles or los angeles.