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  1. Man accused of using nun's computer to view porn
  2. Sex Laws in Maryland & DC
  3. ABC Special with Barbara Walters talking with a doctor
  4. South Beach brothel/bus pulled over
  5. Yonkers police arrest woman on prostitution charge NY
  6. Bad Economy is Hurting Strippers, too
  7. Gene Simmons Wants To Legalize Prostitution
  8. Hooker Ashley Dupre In Talks For TV Show
  9. Rahway woman is arrested for using Craigslist for prostitution (Hauppage, NY)
  10. 3 arrested in Modesto Police sting for prostitution (CA)
  11. 3 arrested in internet prostitution sting
  12. Sumter deputies: Prostitutes advertised on Craigslist
  13. Body Found Is Missing North Carolina Mom
  14. Man Busted For Underage Sex Meeting Wearing "world's Greatest Dad" Shirt
  15. Sex toy bill remains in House subcommittee
  16. Pasco Crackdown On Prostitution Nets Several Arrests
  17. secret diary
  18. BUSTED IN AZ: Desert Divas, AZ Confidential, Escorts In Action, ETC.
  19. Desert Divas on "My Dating Place" (from YouTube)
  20. Things you learn from watching porn
  21. Pervert-exposes-himself-
  22. Charlotte Madam
  23. Raleigh Area Cardiologist Pleads Guilty In High-End Charlotte Sex Sting Case
  24. Texas teacher has been arrested and charged with prostitution.
  25. Is Everything Really Bigger in Texas ?
  26. Women's right to vote
  27. is he a cop or a prostitute ?
  28. Trio Sentenced In Charlotte High-End Prostitution Ring
  29. Prostitution ring leader Sally Saxon sentenced
  30. Everyone Should Own & Use a Shredder
  31. Pamela Anderson is signing what?
  32. Naked LUSH Employees Protest Excess Packaging in 24 U.S. Cities
  33. ~Today in History ~
  34. Massive LE Operation is ongoing
  35. Relationship with a prostitute
  36. I found this on ABC news
  37. Obama calls for renewal? on what?
  38. Woman charged again with recruiting prostitutes
  39. Couple arrested for having sex in street
  40. Murder charges sought after radio confession
  41. Police summon 3 who took naked plunge
  42. David Duchovny Rehabbing for Sex Addiction
  43. 5 Charged In Alleged Online Sex Scam
  44. Couple Tie the Knot at Funeral Home
  45. Josh Hartnett's saucy hotel romp with a mystery girl caught on CCTV
  46. German nudist vows to hike on after jail
  47. Charlotte North Carolina
  48. David Allen Coe
  49. SGFE ladies......
  50. Vaginal Proteins In HIV-resistant Prostitutes Suggest New Prevention Measures
  51. Retiring porn star riding into sunset at Wild Horse
  52. "Baywatch" Star Jeremy Jackson In Sex Tape Scandal
  53. Breaking News on Fox
  54. Man gets jail time for pursuit of urine (Ohio)
  55. Sex Pheromones are Bending the Laws of Attraction
  56. 3 charged in second Suffolk online prostitution sting
  57. EXCLUSIVE- Charlotte NC
  58. Credit crisis blamed for rising number of adulterous wives
  59. Kingsport detective injured during prostitution sting
  60. Jimi Hendrix
  61. Sophia Loren turns 74 years old today and......
  62. Letters to suspected johns
  63. 1998 President Bill Clinton
  64. School Teacher Moonlights as a Prostitute
  65. Court Documents Link Another Man To Charlotte Madam's Prostitution Ring
  66. Eliot Spitzer…online hookers and “Magical Lizzy”
  67. Actor Paul Newman Dead At 83
  68. Ed Elvis Passed Away
  69. Former President Jimmy Carter
  70. Prominent Lawyer Charged In Tampa Sex Sting
  71. High-tech Hookers in Charleston County
  72. Barack Obama
  73. Someone in the auto industry offer this
  74. Is this completely asinine to anyone else?
  75. Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd
  76. Federal agents infiltrated
  77. Threatening Letters Hoax To Banks
  78. Assassination Plot Targeting Obama Disrupted
  79. This is 1/2 of the economic problem equation.
  80. Pretty interesting, I don't know
  81. While I'm not a big fan of churches,
  82. R I P Hyabby !!
  83. Wow, I guess the best course towards
  84. Anyone remember the good old days -
  85. Do they get an extra steak for
  86. One more weird news item before I
  87. At least they aren't trying to outlaw it.
  88. I guess I shouldn't complain so much
  89. Boy George escort 'wanted cuffing'
  90. Don't you just love the Pampered Jocks!!!!
  91. Michael Jackson and Islam
  92. Where the "F" will the money come to Pay for this.
  93. Remember when growing up to be a
  94. Kathy Griffin New Years EVE
  95. Man To Police: "You have to admit, this is why you do this job."
  96. Alibi Network
  97. Wow? What? Obama is the president? When did THIS happen?
  98. TheEroticReview.com Owner Arrested in Alleged Murder-for-Hire Plot
  99. Are they Real
  100. Snatchers beware...
  101. Prime Time TV and Escorts
  102. TN Wrasslin'
  103. ouch! be carful folks.....
  104. And I thought I had a lot on my mind...
  105. Orgasmic Meditation
  106. Escort Biz more Dangereous???
  107. Memphis Strip Clubs Hiring
  108. Prostitution Crackdown in Memphis
  109. Mississippi Sugar Daddy Arrested
  110. Hung!!!!
  111. QB Affair ends in Death
  112. In case anyone missed it,
  113. That's gotta feel Strange!!!!
  114. Sex in the news today
  115. Downers Grove ILL woman charged with prostitution
  116. An Actual Craig's List Personals Ad
  117. Pole Dancing
  118. 20/20 Prostitution in America
  119. Football as it should be
  120. Plastic Surgery - The Perfect "P"
  121. Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!!!!!
  122. I don't see how this will work!!!
  123. Calories Burned During SEX
  124. Man's Best Friend
  125. Megan Fox has slept with only two men!!!!
  126. relationships and this business
  127. A Loan or a Gift.. Getting caught up in the Hobby
  128. Asian brothel closings raise concerns about sex trafficking
  129. Roger Clemens uses Twitter to defend sex life, erectile dysfunction
  130. NEW CLAIM: Woods Splashed $150K On Hookers
  131. Ashley Dupree
  132. This is why smart ladies screen...
  133. For Cash-Strapped States, Sin Is Sure Lucrative
  134. No money, no honey
  135. Is BiSexual Gay????
  136. Charlie Says Adios to Brooke; Hello to Escorts
  137. Obama Affair... Maybe he is horny like the rest of us...
  138. Craigslist Escort: Woman missing for two weeks could be linked to Craigslist escort ad
  139. Police: Priest used church money on male escorts, lavish lifestyle
  140. Exact way to set prices....
  141. Iranian authorities give go-ahead to execute woman
  142. Online Escort Attacked in Hermitage (Nashville)
  143. Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin goes on auction block
  144. Memphis LE hitting the Bottom of the Barrel
  145. Do you care what people know about you?
  146. Backpages Sued - Says not Liable for Users' Actions
  147. FAU Police Officer Allegedly Shot Escort Over Sex
  148. Surrounded by wolves? Play a Creed song.
  149. KNOXVILLE is better than YOUR city!
  150. Composer Joe Brooks, CNN Host Eliot Spitzer Two of Madam's 'Worst Clients'
  151. How technology is actually changing sex work
  152. In sex cases, clients go free; officials target bosses
  153. Lawsuit could cost James his reputation as much as money
  154. When Sugar Daddy deal goes South
  155. Facebook replacing Craigslist for Escorts?
  156. I-Team: IRS Joins the Fight Against Prostitution Trade
  157. The Chris Lee scandal undressed: What not to do when trolling for an affair
  158. Make Prostitution Illegal in Nevada
  159. Backpage continues to gain from prostitution advertising
  160. Brothels fire back at Harry Reid
  161. Nevada Politicians Debate an Older Profession - The ongoing Saga of Reid Idiocy
  162. Why Are Escorts So Well Paid?
  163. Talking to the "naked therapist"
  164. Sex and more sex: 'Gigolos' on Showtime in April
  165. Ontario Court to Consider Decriminalizing Sex Work
  166. Undercover Newark Cop Touched Himself and Fondled Masseuse During Sting Operation
  167. Morgan Nelson: Alleged Prostitute Used Police Car For Getaway
  168. SC Joins Effort Against Alleged Prostitution Ads on Website
  169. Detroit Murder victims linked to escort service ads
  170. Woman with two Vaginas turns down $1 Million Porn Opporturnity
  171. Los Angeles mayor signs porn star condom requirement
  172. Critics slam sex ads for not verifying ages
  173. Child Sex Trafficking And Drug Dealing Ring Arrests: Colorado Attorney General John Suthers Charges
  174. London museum coin may be Roman "brothel token"
  175. Club promoter convicted in brutal 2010 murder of Des Moines prostitute
  176. Why not be more careful?????
  177. Cops Bust Naked Burglar Covered In Chocolate, Peanut Butter
  178. Husband of pregnant Craigslist hooker charged with two counts of murder for wife and unborn child
  179. Sex Workers at the Bunny Ranch are Pimpin' for Paul!
  180. Passion Police Arrest Sex Toys Saleswoman
  181. Bill would add pimps to sexual offender registry
  182. Porn Stars Flocking to Phoenix for Filming
  183. Healing power of sex work
  184. I hate this SFXESCORTS SITE
  185. Popular Escort/Hobbiest website party BUSTED in downtown CLEVELAND
  186. Economy
  187. News Net US
  188. Former porn actress loses career... :(
  189. Aphrodite companions busted! Owner/operators arraigned yesterday!
  190. HIV-killing condom, being introduced in Australia
  191. Life, Death, and Trust
  192. More Bang for your Buck
  193. Calls mount for Backpage to cut 'Adult' section after prostitute murdered in hotel
  194. Southerngfe's birthday!
  195. Canada’s Supreme Court Legalizes Some Sex Acts with Animals