There are a group of ladies(a few men as well) who have a history of harassing other ladies and using pressure & threats to intimidate them, both online and offline. Some of these ladies are working together as a group, while other ladies might just be doing this completely independent of anyone else. The harassment and threats could be subtle or they could be a forceful and direct attack by the group.

You might be contacted and pressured into "taking sides" and shunning other people lest you be shunned, harassed or even "outed" yourself. Many times these ladies will distort the truth about events or just completely make something up, then spread those lies and distortion to other ladies. These ladies will then act as a group and use social media to gather info and harass their victims, spreading many lies and falsehoods.

For example, on Twitter, when the group has targeted their victim, they will then proceed to stalk and harass anyone who Likes, Retweets or even Follows the victim. It doesn't matter what you're liking or retweeting from their target; if you don't join in their attacks and be part of their group or if you refuse to shun the victim, then YOU become their target.

This is a very pervasive threat and will affect more and more people over time. We've identified and verified a couple of these ladies, but need help identifying more.

If you are the victim of someone using threats or coercion, or if you know of someone spreading information to others that you believe to be false or likely false, then please report them by sending me a private message or by filling out our contact form. If you know of or suspect ANY type of coercion in any capacity on this site or even offline, please report this as well. *sending a private message is preferred, but you will need to register to do that.

** All correspondence will remain private & confidential. We will only post information you give us with your permission. If you choose to allow this information to be public, we will be happy to change names and any info to keep your anonymity.